Pre MOT Check List

How to prepare for your M.O.T


You can carry out these simple checks prior to your MOT to save you time and money:

  • Light check – you will need someone to perform these checks with you. Turn on all your lights, ask your helper to depress the brake pedal and turn indicators. Test the full beam and fog beam by using the appropriate switches in the car.
  • Horn Check – Simply make sure your horn works
  • Tyre tread depth – Ensure tread depths are above 1.6mm as this is the failure limit
  • Tyre Condition – Look for bulges, cuts and perishing
  • Brake Visual – Have a look through the wheel (where possible) to see if you have substantial brake pad depth. Check the discs are in good condition (i.e not pitted or heavily lipped)
  • Wipers – Make sure they clean the screen effectively and that you have sufficient washer fluid, top up with water if necessary.
  • Seat Belts – Ensure all seat belts (where present) are in full, unrestricted working order.
  • Warning Lights on dash – If an Air Bag warning light or ABS/Traction control light is present this is an immediate failure.
  • Registration Plates – fully visible with correct spacing


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