Chill Out! Why Re-Gas The Air Conditioning?


Did you know……

You should have your air conditioning recharged every 2 years. Why? I hear you ask

  • Over time, your air-con unit and pipes can begin to seep as they are naturally porous
  • The re-gas contains a lubricant that services the compressor and rubber seals
  • The compressor has to work extra hard if not recharged on a regular basis
  • You should run the air con throughout the year, even in winter….brrrrr
  • On a rainy day, the air-con can de-mist your screen quicker
  • It is not part of a car service

It is more cost effective to keep your air conditioning recharged to prevent the failure of the compressor, that is a much bigger expense! Running the air con throughout the year will keep the gas and lubricants running through the system.

With summer round the corner, don’t delay in getting your car booked in for an air-con re gas and to see if you have any issues. It’s never pleasant discovering it no longer works when you are in traffic on a hot day!

At Broadbridge Heath Garage, we are able to get you in today for a recharge. It only takes around 45 minutes and costs £55 + VAT inclusive of any amount of gas.

So give us a call on 01403 276439 or drop us an email: