The Classic ‘Italian Baby’ Fiat 500


Known as the ‘Italian Baby’ The classic Fiat 500 is a desirable and much admired car. The first of its kind was released in 1949 as a post war affordable, economical vehicle. Despite only producing 13 horsepower and featuring the ‘suicide doors’ it proved to be a very popular car. The model received upgrades as the years went by but remaining consistent in its charm.

G and J Performance are delighted to have not one, but three of them! Better still, they are available for you to buy. Ranging from £8500 to £8995, these superb examples are a must see.


If you would like to take this rare opportunity to get your hands on one of these gems, contact G and J Performance by clicking the image below.





‘Brake It Down’ – Why Change The Brake Fluid?


Why Change The Brake Fluid?

So you have your car in for a service and the garage calls you to say your car needs a brake fluid change? You may be thinking “what on earth is that and why do I need it now?”

Well, it is actually a very important aspect of motoring. Brake fluid is used to transfer force into pressure to ensure effective braking. Over time the fluid absorbs moisture, changing the boiling point and therefore no longer as effective causing ‘spongy braking’.

The brake fluid is stored in a translucent reservoir in the engine bay, often with a yellow cap like the one shown above. You can see the fluid level without having to open the cap which should only be opened when testing or changing the fluid to avoid excess moisture entering the reservoir.


The image above shows how we test the quality and moisture levels in the brake fluid. The cap is removed and we place the metal rods into the reservoir, the light indicates if action needs to be taken sooner than later. The technician will let you know if it was green, amber or red. If the light is red, we recommend you have the fluid changed as soon as possible as your braking will be affected by this.

At Broadbridge Heath Garage we are able to check your brake fluid for free.

So stop by! (if your brakes are working that is)

Brake fluid change £45 + VAT.  



The Piazza Italia Tour 2017

Piazza Italia is always a fantastic event for Horsham. Last year The Tour was launched and was a huge success. This year Broadbridge Heath Garage went along to launch G and J Performace. James and Geoff showcased a Lamborghini Gallardo and an Aston Martin DB9.

After the send off in Horsham town, James was leading about 40 cars through Billingshurst driving the Lamborghini, he managed to get everyone lost by taking the wrong turning! Typical James….


piazza 317553649_1290902997662676_1829979584265808360_n

The turn out was fantastic, we were happy to see many of our customers faces there! Here are a few snaps from the day… Don’t forget the main Piazza Italia Event is this Easter weekend in Horsham town. Visit the Piazza website to check out all the latest information 


Our customers Diablo 




piazza 4

Broadbridge Heath Garage held a ‘Wine or Water’ stall two years ago at Piazza Italia to raise money for The Children’s Trust. These are the charities involved this year, any donation makes a difference! Click on the pictures to take you to their website

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