Plug Me In! ….OBD Health Check


The dreaded dash light

We all have a little heart flutter when an amber or red light pops up on our dash, right? swiftly followed up by checking our owners manual or even ‘Googling’ what the issue might be, resulting in thinking the worst. Or in some cases, ignoring it completely and hoping it may disappear.

Perhaps, instead of leaving your vehicle to the point where a dash light pops up and having to assume the worst, book in for an OBD healthcheck as part of the routine service. It is very simple and takes about 15 minutes to complete. The fee is £35 + vat which is a pretty reasonable price for peace of mind wouldn’t you agree? At Broadbridge heath Garage, we believe that prevention is better than cure.

So, OBD stands for ‘on board diagnostics’ and the majority of cars these days have the ability to ‘Plug in’.  Why is this beneficial?

  • A diagnostics health check can be completed within minutes
  • It is cost-effective routine maintenance
  • The health check will detect any issues in the engine, braking and safety systems
  • Reports can be provided for your vehicle history
  • Regular check ups help pinpoint any unresolved component issues
  • A lot of the time, we are unaware our vehicle has issues

Book your health check today

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‘Brake It Down’ – Why Change The Brake Fluid?


Why Change The Brake Fluid?

So you have your car in for a service and the garage calls you to say your car needs a brake fluid change? You may be thinking “what on earth is that and why do I need it now?”

Well, it is actually a very important aspect of motoring. Brake fluid is used to transfer force into pressure to ensure effective braking. Over time the fluid absorbs moisture, changing the boiling point and therefore no longer as effective causing ‘spongy braking’.

The brake fluid is stored in a translucent reservoir in the engine bay, often with a yellow cap like the one shown above. You can see the fluid level without having to open the cap which should only be opened when testing or changing the fluid to avoid excess moisture entering the reservoir.


The image above shows how we test the quality and moisture levels in the brake fluid. The cap is removed and we place the metal rods into the reservoir, the light indicates if action needs to be taken sooner than later. The technician will let you know if it was green, amber or red. If the light is red, we recommend you have the fluid changed as soon as possible as your braking will be affected by this.

At Broadbridge Heath Garage we are able to check your brake fluid for free.

So stop by! (if your brakes are working that is)

Brake fluid change £45 + VAT.  



Chill Out! Why Re-Gas The Air Conditioning?


Did you know……

You should have your air conditioning recharged every 2 years. Why? I hear you ask

  • Over time, your air-con unit and pipes can begin to seep as they are naturally porous
  • The re-gas contains a lubricant that services the compressor and rubber seals
  • The compressor has to work extra hard if not recharged on a regular basis
  • You should run the air con throughout the year, even in winter….brrrrr
  • On a rainy day, the air-con can de-mist your screen quicker
  • It is not part of a car service

It is more cost effective to keep your air conditioning recharged to prevent the failure of the compressor, that is a much bigger expense! Running the air con throughout the year will keep the gas and lubricants running through the system.

With summer round the corner, don’t delay in getting your car booked in for an air-con re gas and to see if you have any issues. It’s never pleasant discovering it no longer works when you are in traffic on a hot day!

At Broadbridge Heath Garage, we are able to get you in today for a recharge. It only takes around 45 minutes and costs £55 + VAT inclusive of any amount of gas.

So give us a call on 01403 276439 or drop us an email:

Why Should I Have A Wheel Alignment?


We all enjoy a smooth drive right? We like to feel the car responding to our commands and to know we are getting the best out of driving. As a garage we feel strongly about advising our customers to have their wheel alignment checked at least every 6 months.

What are the benefits?

  • Handling of the car
  • Reduces tyre wear
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Suspension component wear
  • Ensures vehicles travels straight without pulling

How does the alignment get knocked out?

  • Pot holes
  • Hitting curbs
  • Component wear and tear over time
  • Knocking or bumping into objects

Laser alignment measures the primary and secondary angles, these include measuring the camber (angle of the wheels) Caster (axis) and Toe (symmetry). The secondary angles are the more complex measurements.

At Broadbridge Heath Garage, we use a top of the range professional laser aligner. We are able to provide a full analysis print out of before and after the alignment. Prices start from £49.95 + VAT


*Image courtesy of Absolute Alignment 


Pre MOT Check List

How to prepare for your M.O.T


You can carry out these simple checks prior to your MOT to save you time and money:

  • Light check – you will need someone to perform these checks with you. Turn on all your lights, ask your helper to depress the brake pedal and turn indicators. Test the full beam and fog beam by using the appropriate switches in the car.
  • Horn Check – Simply make sure your horn works
  • Tyre tread depth – Ensure tread depths are above 1.6mm as this is the failure limit
  • Tyre Condition – Look for bulges, cuts and perishing
  • Brake Visual – Have a look through the wheel (where possible) to see if you have substantial brake pad depth. Check the discs are in good condition (i.e not pitted or heavily lipped)
  • Wipers – Make sure they clean the screen effectively and that you have sufficient washer fluid, top up with water if necessary.
  • Seat Belts – Ensure all seat belts (where present) are in full, unrestricted working order.
  • Warning Lights on dash – If an Air Bag warning light or ABS/Traction control light is present this is an immediate failure.
  • Registration Plates – fully visible with correct spacing


If you have any queries or would like us to feature something in particular, let us know, we’d love to hear from you!